How to use this website

Here’s a quick description of what you can find on the site, and how to use it.


Clicking on Home brings you back to the front page of the website.

Going to the NEWS page will show you only those stories tagged as news; you won’t see stories about videos and podcasts, for example, in this section.

How we can help
INNOCENT exists to help people involved in miscarriages of justice, and this page outlines who we are and how we can do that.

Our cases
These are cases that INNOCENT is actively involved in helping. When you click on this button, you’ll see a list of all our current cases, with a name, brief description and link. Clicking on the link will bring up a list of posts and news articles connected with the case, with the newest first.

Other miscarriage of justice cases
These are other cases where a miscarriage of justice is either suspected or proven. Some cases are open and some are closed. Again, clicking on the link will being up the newsfeed for each case.

These are items found elsewhere on the Internet that you might find informative and interesting. They might be videos, podcasts, books, articles, or anything else we come across. The newest articles will appear at the top.

Get involved
While we hope that you find this site interesting and useful enough to visit regularly, there are ways that you can support our work too and they’re detailed on this page.

If you need our help – or if you can help us – the details can be found on this page. That includes ways to follow us on social media, our email addresses and details of our meetings.


Use the search box to find things on our site.

Primarily for helping first time visitors, these numbered points explain what we do.

Meetings and events
Details of our upcoming meetings, plus any relevant and useful other events, will appear here.

Quick links to find INNOCENT on social media and follow our blog by email or RSS, including a Facebook Like box and our most recent tweets.

A number of people contribute to this site, and in this section you’ll see the most recently active authors with links to their newest posts.

In this list are some of the sites that we like to read, plus sites connected with this area of the justice system. You may find many of these sites to be useful resources, and if you have suggestions for any others, please let us know.


This section is used just by the site authors.



This continuously rolling news ticker bring up the most recent news items.

Latest posts
These links are shortcuts to our most recent few posts, irrespective of what category they fall into.

Our cases

These are the ten most recent posts published against cases INNOCENT are actively involved in supporting.

Other miscarriage of justice cases

These are the latest posts covering other miscarriage of justice cases.

Popular posts

This carousel brings up other stories that people have been looking at on the site.

Articles and books; Audio; Video

These three feeds cover the latest resources discussed on the site.


This carousel brings up random popular posts from the site.

Tags are labels that we add to posts to make them easier to find. If you click on the ‘Murder’ tag, for example, you’ll see all the posts with that tag, newest first. The size of the text here shows you how many posts have that tag; the bigger the text, the most posts there are with that tag.

In this section are some of the events and milestones associated with the law, miscarriage cases and other relevant events that happened around the current date in previous years.


Using this site on different devices
This site has been developed to be equally readable with you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You should find that the site adapts to whatever size screen your device has, and whatever orientation the display is in.

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