Problems with the site?

If you have problems viewing this site, we recommend you try these steps to begin with.

  1. Clear your device’s cache. Here are some links to how to do that in common browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, Edge, Safari.
  2. If you aren’t already, try using Google’s Chrome browser. If you’re running an older version of IE – 8 or before – you should definitely update your browser.
  3. Try restarting your device (honestly, you’d be surprised how often this works).

If you still have issues, please email the web editor at innocentorguk@gmail (don’t use the main inquiries email address as support cannot be provided through that address). There is a limited amount of support we can give, but we can at least investigate possible problems with the site itself.

Layout looks strange?

Because the site’s layout adapts to different devices, you might find that it looks different when you try it on mobile devices – especially phones with a smaller screen. If the site has to adapt to a smaller screen, the content will appear in one column, like this:



To jump between sections, click on the Navigation button and you’ll see this menu:




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