Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with INNOCENT.

INNOCENT is always interested in hearing the experiences of people who have suffered from a miscarriage of justice. Hearing these types of story helps in two ways. Firstly, they serve as a source of comfort for people who are going this ordeal – it’s a way of letting people know that they are not alone and that support exists. Secondly, it’s important that we continue to highlight the inadequacies in the Justice system. Building support, spreading awareness and sharing stories all helps build momentum towards meaningful change and justice for all.

If you have story that you’d like to contribute, get in touch at with a brief outline of your story.

Publicity is our oxygen. We need people who have suffered from a miscarriage of justice to know we exist, so that we can help them. And we need everyone else to understand the deep-rooted problems in the justice system, so that we can build pressure on the powers that be to address them.

You’ll help us by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pocket. Every time you share a post, add a comment on Facebook or retweet one of our tweets, you increase the chances of us reaching our goals – helping people who need it, and improving our failing justice system. If you’re not sure where to find things worth sharing, take a look at Our Cases.

INNOCENT and organisations like us receive no government funding. There are inevitable expenses and we rely on the goodwill of volunteers – we have no paid staff.

If you want to contribute financially, contact INNOCENT.

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