Detroit man released after serving 25 years for murder

A man who spent 25 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit is suing two former Detroit police officers, alleging that they fabricated ballistics evidence used to convict him.

Desmond Ricks, 51, was freed June 1 after it was proven that the bullets recovered from the body of murder victim Gerry Bennett did not come from a gun taken from Ricks’ mother’s home. Detroit police had claimed the bullets that killed Bennett in 1992 were fired from the gun recovered from Ricks’ mother.

The Detroit News has details of the story of Desmond Ricks, who was on parole after being convicted of robbery in 1987. Ricks was cleared when photographs showed that the bullets used by Detroit police to prove the forensic ballistics case were not the ones that were removed from Bennett’s body.

Ricks is suing Detroit Police for fabricating evidence to find him guilty. Earlier this month a judge approved a $1m payment to Ricks for the years served, although his lawyers dispute this amount. Ricks was given an additional four years because of the parole violation, which the judge did not compensate Ricks for. However, his lawyers argue that there could have been no parole violation once they had proved that Ricks committed no crime.


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    Glad He GO out GOD BLESS


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