The Legal and General Gang – Reg Dudley and Bob Maynard

"Cold_Steel_FormStudy_1" by Stuart Haury. Found on flickr, used under Creative Commons and edited for size.

In 1977 Reg Dudley and Bob Maynard were convicted – on the strength of an alleged confession – of two murders which allegedly taken place in 1974. Both men have consistently protested their innocence. Reg Dudley was released on parole in 1997 (Daily Telegraph); Bob Maynard was released on bail in November 2000 (Guardian), after their case had been referred back to the court of appeal by the CCRC (Guardian). Their appeal was heard in July 2002; the nub of the case is outlined in an interview with Reg Dudley and an article by Duncan Campbell ahead of the appeal. The appeal was allowed on 16 July 2002 and the convictions of both men were quashed (Guardian).

This case is dealt with at length in “The Legal & General Gang” by Bob Woffinden in his 1987 book Miscarriages of Justice.


“In 1977, Reg Dudley and Bob Maynard were convicted of two murders on the strength of ‘confessions’ they denied making and a witness who later said his evidence was a ‘bag of lies’. So why is their case only reaching the appeal court today?”

Fall Guys, The Guardian

“Dudley and Maynard were jailed for life in 1977 for the murder of two London gangland figures, Billy Moseley and Micky Cornwall, after the longest trial in British criminal history. Six weeks later Moseley’s slowly thawing head was found in a public toilet in Islington. Who had removed it from the deep freeze and put it there if his supposed killers were behind bars?”

Justice was a long time coming, BBC

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