National Training Conference on Investigating Miscarriages of Justice

This was a conference for training members of student pro bono projects who review cases of people claiming to be innocent of crimes for which they were convicted, and for independent investigators working to overturn the convictions of people they believe to be innocent. Twitter #MJRCconf2018

Conference Timetable – speaker details are below.

 Friday 16 February 2018 Registration
13.45 Welcome

Introduction: what MJRCs/Innocence Projects do, purpose of conference

Professor Toby Seddon –Head of the School of Law
Claire McGourlay
Mark George
14.00-15.00 Cell site analysis
how to understand and challenge mobile phone location evidence which features in an increasing number of prosecutions
Andy Townsend, Footprint Investigations
Chair-Graham Smith
15.00-16.00 The A to Z of Appeals and how to get your fresh evidence admitted. Mark Newby, Solicitor Advocate Quality Solicitors Jordans
16.00-16.15 Tea and Coffee
16.15-17.00 Disclosure:
Andrew Green/ Hannah Quirk
The single most important topic facing case investigators and the criminal justice system today
Surviving  a Miscarriage of justice:
Michael O’Brien in break out room – copies of his books available – proceeds to the Dylan O’Brien Charity
17.00-17.30 Special measures and vulnerable witnesses Brigid Baillie
chair Andrew Green
17.30 Can we really help investigate cases and help those wrongly convicted -a system in crisis? Chair Mark George QC
Dennis Eady                            Philip Rule,
Danny Kay,
Sarah Magill
Henry Thompson
18.30-19.30 Drinks reception in Christie’s Bar
Saturday 17 February
08.45 Registration
09.00-10.00 Finding information about people on the internet  Neil Smith
10.00-11.00 CCRC – what it can do, and how it works Commissioner David James Smith and a case review manager
11.00-11.15 Coffee
11.15-12.15 CCRC workshop: how to prepare an application that could succeed
12-15-1.15 Disclosure in Sexual offence prosecutions
Julia Smart
Chair Hannah Quirk
13.15 Lunch Showing of  film Say I’m Innocent
14.15-15.15 Understanding DNA Evidence Allan Jamieson
15.15-15.45 Eric Allison- persuading the media to support Miscarriage of Justice case investigations;

Chair William Bevin-Nicholls

The changing attitude of the appeal court towards criticisms of defence lawyers:
Andrew Green

(Breakout room)

15.45-16.00 Break
16.00-17.00 Dealing with Joint enterprise Cases
Chair Nicola Campbell
Jan Cunliffe (JENGbA)
17.00-18.00 The way forward: panel
Daisy Sproull
Gabrielle Healey
Julia Smart
Nicola Campbell
Danielle Manson
Nazir Afzal
18.00 End

The 2018 National Training Conference for students in pro bono innocence projects, Miscarriages of Justice Review Centres, and independent case investigators will take place at the University of Manchester on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 February.

The students and other investigators give their own time to help with cases of people who claim to be innocent of crimes of which they have been convicted, and who cannot afford to pay lawyers to review their cases. This Conference gives them unique opportunities to hear and meet some of the UK’s leading experts who can help them find out what might have gone wrong in police investigations and prosecutions, and what evidence can be found to support claims of innocence.

We are delighted to have a major contribution from the Criminal Cases Review Commission, an independent  body which has the powers to obtain the fresh evidence needed to overturn wrongful convictions, and to refer cases to the Court of Appeal. The CCRC will explain in detail how it carries out its work and lead workshops for participants.

Experts giving presentations and leading discussions include:

Professor Allan Jamieson, Director of the Forensic Institute in Scotland. Allan is often called to give expert evidence about DNA in the UK and the USA. His evidence was of key importance in the Omagh bombing trial.

Andy Townsend of Footprint Investigations, leading experts on the analysis of phone call data which pinpoints where users are located.

Eric Allison, prisons correspondent of the Guardian who writes on miscarriage of justice cases.

Neil Smith, perhaps the UK’s foremost expert on using the internet to trace people and find information about them.

Andrew Green, founder of INNOCENT and Director of the Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre at the University of Sheffield.

We will debate and explore the problem of joint enterprise prosecutions, in which innocent people are convicted just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, with


Janet Cunliffe of Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGBA) and mother of Jordan, wrongly convicted of murder.

The chaotic state of the disclosure system, responsible for many wrongful convictions because evidence gathered by the police which would help suspects is not passed on to them, will be explored through recent high profile cases, including those of

Liam Allan, who nearly went to prison for rape and was saved by the independent prosecutor and his defence barrister Julia Smart will be present to explain what happened.

Danny Kay, whose rape conviction was recently overturned thanks to the work of barrister Philip Rule who discovered important undisclosed material.

Mark Newby, solicitor advocate, possibly the UK’s foremost criminal appeal lawyer and a long term active supporter of innocence projects MJRCs, will talk about his recent successes and the technicalities of putting together an appeal case.

Mark George QC, head of Garden Court North Chambers, who represented families at the Hillsborough, who will help students, as he has for many years, to understand cases make progress with them.

Finally students, experts, leading lawyers and MPs will come together to discuss how to take forward the campaign to eradicate the scourge of miscarriage of justice.

The Conference has been organised by Professor Claire McGourlay of the University of Manchester and Dr Andrew Green of the University of Sheffield.

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  1. #MJRCconf2018 Would you be interested in looking at my case, but my case is blatant corruption 29 years of my life has stopped I must spend 6 to 10 hours a day thinking what happend to me, please help.


  2. Andrew Green // January 30, 2018 at 13:21 // Reply

    quote #MJRCconf2018 when tweeting


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