Fake confessions land Peter Fell in jail for 17 years on murder charge

Peter Fell was drunk, depressed and alone when he made a phone call that he would regret for the rest of his life. A fantasist and inveterate attention seeker, he dialled 999 and “confessed” to murdering two women who were walking their dogs on Hungry Hill, just outside Aldershot, Hampshire.

He gave the wrong date for the killings, burped and was mostly incoherent during a conversation that was hard for the police operator to take seriously.

Yet despite repeatedly insisting to detectives that he made up the whole story because he wanted “to be somebody”, it was only yesterday – after 17 years in jail for double murder – that Mr Fell proved he was innocent.

from Fantasy that became 17 year nightmare:

He was released on bail after three appeal judges were told that fresh evidence about his vulnerability had thrown doubt on his confessions and would show that his conviction was unsafe. Psychiatrists said he was a “serial confessor” and his solicitor said new evidence would show he could not have been at the murder scene.

Mr Fell’s solicitor, Jim Nichol, said: “The thing about this case is that he is completely and totally innocent. He may be a crackpot, he may be crazy, he may be all these things – and probably was in 1982 – but a murderer he was not and never has been.”

from ‘Serial confessor’ free after 17 years:

Inside Justice are hosting an episode of Channel 4’s “Trial and Error” programme which covers Peter Fell’s case at

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