BBC Storyville airs “Out of Thin Air”, a documentary about the Icelandic false confessions case

Picture of Picture of "Sugar Paper Theories" by Jack Latham

On Monday night BBC4 showed a feature-length documentary by Mosaic Films called “Out of Thin Air” which looked at the disappearances of Gudmundur Einarsson and Geirfinnur Einarsson, two unrelated men who went missing in Iceland at either end of 1974. Police found neither man’s body; in fact, they found no evidence that a crime had even been committed. All they had was the unexplained disappearance of two men. For two years the Police toiled, failing to turn up a single usable lead.

But two years after Geirfinnur Einarsson disappeared, as they were questioning 20 year old Erla Bolladottir about a minor fraud and embezzlement case, quite out of the blue they asked her if she knew Gudmundur Einarsson. “Oh yes,” she said. She’d met him once, at a party, the night he disappeared. She remembered the party well because she’d had a bad dream that night, thinking she could hear her boyfriend Saevar Ciesielski outside her bedroom window talking to his friends. That bad dream would be the start of a nightmare that lasted more than forty years.

“Out of Thin Air” is available to view now on iPlayer, and is coming to Netflix in September.

Picture of "Sugar Paper Theories" by Jack Latham

Picture of “Sugar Paper Theories” by Jack Latham

Recently INNOCENT looked at this case in more detail, reviewing a book called “Sugar Paper Theories” that contained photos, documentary evidence and other material connected to the case.  Written by Gisli Gudjonsson – a consultant who was asked to work on the case by the Supreme Court – and photographer Jack Latham, the book is an exceptional record of a deeply unsettling case where the police would employ any methods they saw necessary to fabricate a case against the individuals they had chosen to punish for a crime they could not prove had taken place. Click on the link to read our article, “Sugar Paper Theories and the Reykjavik Confessions“.

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