Nicholas Tucker – premeditated murder or terrible car accident? (1997)

"Crime Scene Tape" by Brandon Anderson on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.
Nicholas Tucker – who was ultimately released in 2008 – was convicted of the murder of his wife in 1997 after their car accidentally plunged into a river.

Nicholas Tucker, 58, now lives with his partner Jenny Peacock in Thetford.

Campbell Malone, Mr Tucker’s solicitor, told of the Bury Free Press: “Mr Tucker has been consistent in his actions to clear his name and he has had a number of appeals turned down. Mr Tucker was subject to a life sentence but has been released on licence and he is trying to get on with things.

“He has been determined and consistent in his efforts to clear his name. The case has been with the Criminal Cases Review Commission for a very long time and they are coming towards the end of their processes.

“The case has taken an unusually long time and it is a complex matter.

“Everybody involved in the case has found it tremendously stressful and we are hoping that we will get a positive decision in the near future.”


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