John Taft – the ‘the Beauty in the Bath’ murder (1999)

“In November 1999, John Taft, the managing director of a glass company, was convicted of murdering Cynthia Bolshaw in her Heswall home – 16 years after she was found dead in her bath at her bungalow in Buffs Lane. She had been strangled and the murder investigation sparked a inquiry that would circle the world. Taft was given a life sentence at Liverpool Crown Court in November, 1999, after advances in DNA evidence encouraged detectives to reinvestigate the case. But he has always maintained his innocence – even though it emerged at his trial that he had sex with Mrs Bolshaw at her home on the night she was killed.”

~ Wirral Globe, 4/11/2009


“THE NOTORIOUS Beauty in the Bath murder case could be re-opened after a bundle of evidence presumed destroyed dramatically re-surfaced. The file of forensic evidence could prove the innocence of the man who has served a decade behind bars for the killing.

Mr Kirwan [Taft’s solicitor] told the ECHO: “Within an hour of getting this case and considering some of the early points raised by Taft and the family, I thought it was a serious miscarriage of justice. It’s a bad case.”

Mr Kirwan, of Kirwans Solicitors, hopes the file will contain evidence pin-pointing the exact time of Mrs Bolshaw’s death which he says was unclear at the trial. He also hopes to establish why police apparently ignored a finger print found on Mrs Bolshaw’s bedroom window.”

~ Liverpool Echo, 4/11/2009


For the full story, please check out the full case report at MOJUK: Justice for John Taft – The Beauty in the Bath case 





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  1. Romily – where Harvey Goulbourns son visited his girlfreind every week ?


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