The Court of Appeal was wrong to refuse to hear the appeal of a man it believed to be innocent (Matthew Scott)

Blogger Matthew Scott has written about the case of Mehmet Ordu, a Turkish national who escaped persecution at home by coming to live in Britain. He served a nine month sentence on an immigration technicality, but judges now believe him to be innocent. Except…

“The peculiar thing about this case, though, is that everyone involved – Mr Ordu himself of course, but also the prosecution and most remarkably the three judges who heard his case, all accept that he was in all probability innocent of an offence for which he has now served a 9 month sentence. The judges nevertheless decided that there would be “no injustice” in allowing his wrongful conviction to stand.”

Please visit Matthew’s excellent and award-winning blog – BarristerBlogger – for the full story:

You can follow Matthew on twitter at @Barristerblog where he is a regular and entertaining tweeter.

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