Joint enterprise and the homicide law

A recent episode of the BBC’s “Law in Action” podcast discussed the recent developments involving the concept of joint enterprise:

“Joint Enterprise is the law by which a group of people can be convicted with the same offence and earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that Joint Enterprise law had been misinterpreted for 30 years.

This gave campaigners significant hope as they say Joint Enterprise is an unjust law, especially when applied to murder convictions because all defendants face the same mandatory life sentence even if they were periphery players.

But these hopes were dashed when the Court of Appeal announced that it was not going to permit thirteen Joint Enterprise murder convictions to be reviewed. Joshua Rozenberg explores why the court came to this decision – and asks if the perceived unfairness over Joint Enterprise points to bigger problems with the law of homicide.”

To listen to the podcast, click here: Joint Enterprise and homicide law


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