Update from Glyn Razzell’s team: CCRC application, links between Linda and Christopher Halliwell

Justice for Glyn Razzell Justice for Glyn Razzell

With the revelations from Steve Fulcher on Radio 4 about the possible connection between Linda Razzell and Christopher Halliwell, we reached out to Glyn’s team to see what the latest developments were. This is the what they had to say:

“We are expecting to make a new application to the CCRC before the end of this year. This is with NEW forensic evidence which Glyn’s legal team, supported by Inside Justice, had been preparing for a CCRC application before Halliwell’s recent conviction and subsequent media links to Linda.  Glyn had always assumed Linda had chosen to leave and was missing, not dead.  We don’t yet know how Halliwell fits, although reviewing the evidence with a fresh perspective it does throw up some possible connections.

We know from Steve Fulcher’s BBC Radio 4 interview that ‘there is a direct relationship between Linda Razzell and Halliwell’ – this would have been known to Wiltshire Police back in 2011 but they have not yet shared any information with Glyn or his legal team.

We are expecting more information to emerge as Fulcher continues to try and clear his name.”

If you’re not familiar with the case, please take a moment to read through our summary:


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