Next meeting of INNOCENT, 1 February 2017

The next meeting of INNOCENT will be on Wednesday 1 February 2017

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 1 February 2017, 7pm – 9:00pm

At the White Lion, 615 London Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 4HT.

Their website is, and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Use the interactive Google Map and Street View below to help find us.



Street view


There is plenty of free on street parking available around the venue.

What happens in our meetings

Please come if you want to find out what we do and whether we can help you with a criminal case with which you are concerned, or if you want to help us develop our organisation and its work. No need to ask us in advance – just turn up.

Meetings are free, but contributions to our running costs are welcome from those who can afford them (we suggest £2 per meeting).

Most of our meetings are taken up with discussion of cases. People who are new to the group talk about the case that has brought them to an INNOCENT meeting. Others who have already talked about their case in earlier meetings report on any developments in the case or progress that has been made. We try to come up with advice and ideas about how a case may be taken forward, including how to get the best help from experts, lawyers and other organisations such as the CCRC.

If you think you have anything to contribute to INNOCENT, or can help us in any way, or want to find out more about our organisation, or want to talk about any serious criminal case that has led to a miscarriage of justice, please contact us at

About INNOCENT (138 Articles)
Challenging miscarriages of justice since 1993.

1 Comment on Next meeting of INNOCENT, 1 February 2017

  1. johnsondarlene66 // May 12, 2018 at 06:50 // Reply

    Hello my husband IS INCARATED ERIC V SUDDS inmate 1212661 AT the Coffield Unitfor WRONGFUL CONVICTION for 15 years THEY have DROPPED ONE of his cases the Sherriff from Houston Texas SENT him a letter saying this also I Received a letter from a Houston lawyer Mr Bob Wicoff stating THEY HE SORRY for not belong ME CAUSE he’s on the DNA CASES BUTT he told me that there NO DNA NOR SEMON from my husband cause he did not commit this crime BUTT THEY went off of the words of two women and they say MY husband pleaded Guility which is FALSE the lawyers took all my husbands mobey then sentenced him for a liee we cannot afford a lawyer i tried another innocent project butt i need HELP FOR MY HUSBAND THANK YU


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