Thomas Bourke: Radio 4 programme

Thomas Bourke was convicted of murder of 2 Dept of Transport inspectors in 1993. A new BBC programme shows why this conviction is unsafe

Justice for Thomas Burke screenshot Justice for Thomas Burke screenshot

On Monday 22nd November 1993, two Department of Transport Inspectors, Alan Singleton and Simon Bruno, were shot dead while carrying out a routine inquiry at a garage in Stockport. Thomas Bourke, a man without a criminal record and without a motive for the killings, was convicted of their murder. There was no forensic evidence to link Thomas to the murders, the corpses, the murder scene or the alleged getaway car.  There was, however, clear forensic evidence to implicate the key prosecution witnesses, Mitchell and Ridgeway, both of whom received substantial payments for giving evidence.  These payments were dependent upon Thomas being found guilty on their evidence.  Despite their admissions of complicity in murder, these witnesses were given immunity from prosecution.
for more information, go to Thomas Bourke website

BBC Radio 4 File on Four

Any information about this crime should be passed to Jane Hickman, Thomas’s solicitor, at Hickman and Rose, Aylesbury House, 17-18 Aylesbury Street, London EC1R 0DB

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