GMP: Teenage girls who lied about sexual assault claim made to write apology

Following an investigation, Greater Manchester Police have fully cleared a man accused of sexual assault by two teenage girls. The girls will be made to write letters of apology to the man, who has not been named.

From GMP’s press release:

Greater Manchester Police issued an image of a man on a bike who had reportedly attempted to sexually assault a 13-year-old girl who was walking with her 12-year-old friend along a dirt track leading from Lilford Park towards Green Lane in Leigh at around 6.30pm on Saturday 2 April. However, following calls from members of the public and an interview with the man in question –who presented himself at a police station in an attempt to clear his name- the girls admitted that they had lied about the attack.

Read the full press release here: Teenage girls lie about sexual assault claim


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6 Comments on GMP: Teenage girls who lied about sexual assault claim made to write apology

  1. In the case of Aravindan Balakrishnan ,he has been framed and by his own daughter for a whole string of fabricated offences all of which the police believed 100% as in the case of ” Nick” and using that they got 2 other women to make false allegations of rape and sexual assault and most probably offered them rich rewards(both of them coming up to retirement age,when some thousands of pounds would come in useful to the unscrupulous).The daughters motive is clearly revenge against her father who intervened in a relationship she had entered into with a man who was known in the neighbourhood to be extremely violent and later proven so when he beat his sons teacher unconscious _ this being reported in The Evening Standard a week before A Balalakrishnan was unjustly sentenced to 23 years in jail (he is now 76 years old).With out any input from the people who would best know her ,her own family ,the police and CPS went ahead and concocted a most poisonous character assassination of a man who has worked all his life to selflessly serve and protect others.This is the final nail in the coffin for a legal system which sends INNOCENT people to prison while protecting the real criminals the 1% who are robbing the 99% of their fruits of labour!


  2. My son is in the same predicament falsely accussed just on hearsay from his ex girlfriend no evidence whatsoever several accounts she was found to be lieing . But they still convicted him also they are stopping him from seeing his child . I am so gutted by this putting an innocent young man behind bars just on hearsay. He has never been forcefull in his life he has a heart of gold and would never harm a fly.


  3. Its bad when you are accused of rape and a couple of GMP officers help them with the lie and let the real abuser escape abroad and he already had abused others and got away with it, WHY because hes a mason.


  4. These false accusers should get the same sentence that the accused would have received. Probably 15/20 years… At the moment the false accusers have nothing to lose and much to gain. 000s innocent people are sitting in cells. Families in trauma. How long will it take before these wrongfully convictedhsa innocent people get JUSTICE!!! 27 years, like Hillsborough. All these families are fighting back they want Justice. We have. a Justice system that allows innocent people to be found guilty of non exist crime. Juries are guessing, “does he look guilty?”.Accused are presumed guilty, beyond reasonable doubt has been removed and corroborated evidence not required. This is not Justice. This is not a fair trial. Liars are being believed, and then paid to lie. I false accuser destroys a whole family, maybe 12/13 lives, costs taxpayer at least £340,000, prison costs, then £50,000 approx, compensation. It seems the government have money to burn!!! The situation is outrageous. You ask any teenager, what is going on. They are all aware of the easy money they can make.


  5. Sorry – should have checked that before hitting enter! I meant to say: “That’ll teach them to lie – NOT”

    And for those up-coming false accusers reading this, what sort of message does it send?

    “Oh that’s ok then. I’ll say my dad / step dad / uncle / brother /neighbour / uncle Tom Cobley and all did something to me, I’ll get “compensation” and if I am found out, all that will happen is that I will have to write a letter of apology”.

    It’s a complete joke.

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  6. That’s teach them to lie – NOT. And for those up-coming false accusers reading this, what sort of message does it send?



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