Compensation denied after DNA evidence ends 17-year miscarriage of justice (2014)

Victor Nealon was wrongly convicted of rape, then spent 17 years in jail because police and CCRC failed to carry out the simple DNA test that eventually proved him innocent – then denied compensation!

Victor Nealon is the victim of one of the UK’s most serious recent miscarriages of justice. After spending 17 years in jail on the basis of testimony from a single witness who did not see the attack and who later changed their story, Victor was freed by DNA evidence which showed there was evidence of another male being involved. Since then, the government has sought to change the law to deny him and people like him any recompense for their wrongful convictions.

Watch below the BBC news report covering the quashing of Mr Nealon’s convictions:

For an excellent summary of Mr Nealon’s case, please visit our friends at The Justice Gap: “The Case of Victor Nealon: 17 Wasted Years”


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