Wrong place, wrong time for Sonny Smith (2004)

The information on this page has been provided by the family of Sonny Smith

On the 18th March 2004 Sonny John Smith was wrongfully sentenced to 8 years in prison for Conspiracy to supply Class “A” drug. The evidence shows he is INNOCENT!!!

On the 22nd of May 2003, Sonny, from Eltham, south east London, was at the location of a drugs raid and subsequently he was arrested and charged. He runs his own Car Valeting Business “SUNSHINE VALETING” and he regularly works maintaining gardens. Those who know Sonny will agree that he is a kind, generous person who is charming and a real character and always the life and soul of the party. He is a much loved Son, Brother, Uncle, Boyfriend and an expectant Father.

At the trial the evidence produced against Sonny was based on four phone calls to the same number on that day. This number belonged to a particular customer who had been unreliable on numerous occasions, so Sonny was trying to confirm a booking. Mobile phone networks are unable to provide 100% service and having the line cut meant 4 calls were made. Sonny arrived at this customer’s home address to carry out the valeting of his car. While he was there, the Police arrived and carried out a drugs raid on the customer’s property. Because Sonny was at the residence he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to supply class “A” drugs along with the men involved.

Sonny’s room in his parents’ house and his work van were searched and his life savings and work diary containing all his customers contact details and monetary transactions were confiscated. At no time were any drugs or drug related items found. He was remanded in custody in Belmarsh Prison for 3½ months and bailed once the £50,000 bail money was raised by his family and friends. He was then ordered to sign on twice a day until the hearing date which he did without fail.

The police failed to check any of the contact details in his work diary to verify if they were legitimate or not. It was automatically assumed that these referred to drug dealings and this is how it was portrayed to the Jury. Every piece of evidence used against Sonny was explainable and legitimate. At Sonny’s request customers willingly gave evidence in court stating that the entries were not drug deals but valeting jobs. Character references were given, one of which was from a regular customer who is 85 years old, all verifying that Sonny is a trustworthy and genuinely a helpful and kind person. The police disallowed certain parts of written references by Sonny’s customers to be read out, this would have confirmed the normality of Sonny calling customers persistently to verify times and places for valeting appointments.

Hopefully you will agree that this is an injustice, if so, please contact us.

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