“No one else killed your husband, so you must have done” (2000)

"Prison" by Alper Çuğun, found on flickr and used under Creative Commons

“In July 2000 Dee Winzar was found guilty of the murder of her husband, Dominic Paul McCarthy. Nic and Dee, to their friends and loved ones, had been married since 1985. Nic, who was wheelchair-bound (the result of an accident before marriage), had been found unconscious at home – after Dee, who was at work, had asked for someone to go to their house in order to check up on him. Nic died some days later, in hospital, never having regained consciousness. The prosecution case was simple; no one else killed Nic, therefore Dee must have done so. This was a theme that was to be repeated when an initial appeal to free Dee failed in December 2002.”

Taken from the website ‘Dee Winzar is Innocent’:


Is this nurse a killer?

How, in any case, could insulin have been administered without Nic’s knowledge? If he had been assaulted, he could simply have phoned for assistance; an insulin injection would have taken about 20 minutes to take effect. There is also a very good reason why insulin is very rarely used in murder cases: the victim doesn’t usually die.

A clash of conviction

Winzar has a sort of mild rock’n’roll free-spiritedness that seemed to count against her at the trial. She was astonished at the way small character traits were seized upon. The press reported that she wore “a lime green summer jacket” for the final day of the trial, as if that were evidence of guilt.

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