Two useful guides

Taking your case to the European Court of Human Rights ( ECHR )  

The organisation Liberty has a good summary of how to take your case to the ECHR – click here
You will need to demonstrate which of your rights under the European Convention of Human Rights have been breached. Most criminal case applications will involve breaches of article 6, the right to a fair trial. A further Liberty page lists the articles and has links to pages about each of the rights – click here.
To download the Convention text and application form, click here (pdf format)

posted 28 11 2011

New version of Justice’s
How to Appeal
A guide to the criminal appeal system
published August 2011  

How to Appeal provides simple, accessible information on the appeal system and procedures – for prisoners and those who advise them. The booklet is in a simple question and answer format – reflecting the main questions asked by prisoners. It will also be invaluable to anyone who may be asked to give advice on how the criminal appeal system works.How to get your copy of How to Appeal:

  • FREE printed copies available for prisoners and their families – please contact JUSTICE, 59 Carter Lane, London EC4V 5AQ
    phone 020 7329 5100
  • At £3 for a single copy (discounts available for bulk purchase).

INNOCENT highly recommends this booklet

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