Kevin Nunn and the mystery of the withheld sperm sample

Dawn Walker's body was found near the River Lark Dawn Walker's body was found near the River Lark

Kevin Nunn was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Dawn Walker near Bury St Edmunds in 2006, on slight and inconclusive evidence. Sperm was found on the victim’s body, which cannot have been Nunn’s due to his vasectomy. Nunn has been fighting to have the sperm samples re-tested for DNA, but Suffolk Police have fought ferociously to hold onto the sperm samples rather than release them for testing – a simple test that would clear up the question of Nunn’s guilt. What are Suffolk Police scared of?

UK Supreme Court decision on application of Nunn 18 June 2014

Andrew Green comments:

The judgement in Nunn has at last appeared – available at

The application for disclosure of police investigation records and access to exhibits for retesting has been refused. This outcome has been expected, but it’s not particularly helpful about providing guidance as to how we should go about obtaining disclosure or access for testing of exhibits when we need it.

Nunn doesn’t appear to have been a well managed case, and the lack of clarity and precision in the applications made for disclosure / access has led to a lack of clarity in the resulting judgement. At least the UKSC recognises the value of the contributions of helpful individuals and organisations in exposing miscarriages of justice (paragraphs 36, 41). INNOCENT would argue that the continuing obligation of the police and CPS to disclose ought to be different from that defined by statute and the UKSC. We will try to find out what we have to do in practice to progress our cases in which we need disclosure of material not disclosed before conviction, and access to material for re-testing, and provide guidance on this.


Omagh bombing expert to probe evidence 21 July 2010

Nunn’s sister Brigitte Butcher said they had forensic scientists Professor Allan Jamieson, who was instrumental in challenging the use of a controversial DNA technique in the Omagh Bomb trial, and Dr Sara Short, who has experience of nearly 1,000 cases, waiting to examine the material held.
Ms Butcher said she had met Prof Jamieson at a miscarriage of justice conference organised by United Against Injustice and said he had subsequently been in touch with Ms Hickman to “offer assistance” where he could.

MP backs Kevin’s appeal bid 23 September 2009

Late last year, Nunn’s sister Brigitte Butcher asked Suffolk police for material relating to the conviction which was not shown to the court during his trial in 2006.
Almost a year later, the force is yet to comply with her request – despite being instructed to do so by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley said he was keen to help the family get the documents they needed because he felt there were “unanswered questions” surrounding the case…


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4 Comments on Kevin Nunn and the mystery of the withheld sperm sample

  1. Nunn is guilty very evil man


  2. It was known that Dawn Walker had taken up with a previous boyfriend after she told Nunn that their relationship was over. The sperm on her body could well have been from a sexual encounter with that person just prior to Nunn entering her house and murdering her. Whether or not the sperm was Nunn’s proves nothing.

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  3. Gary Barrell // December 26, 2016 at 16:45 // Reply

    this sperm sample the police have does not belong to kevin nunn because if it did the police would be shouting it from the tree tops as this would back up there this means that ther is very very strong everdence that the donner of the sperm could very likely be the real murderer of dawn walker .so this would prove the police have again messed up by having only one target and sticking with that one target to the bitter end dispite other everdence staring them in the face.


  4. Roger Holmes // December 14, 2016 at 18:02 // Reply

    Re. Kevin Nunn sperm/dna issue. A vasectomy has no effect upon the production of seminal fluid.

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