February 2016 newsletter from SAFARI

"The Old Bailey" by Sarah-Rose. Used from flickr under Creative Commons.

SAFARI is an organisation dedicated to helping victims of false allegations and wrongful convictions, and as such their work often overlaps with INNOCENT’s. As the number of scattergun-approach police trawling operations grows, SAFARI’s work is becoming ever more important in helping separate real perpetrators from innocents swept up the police net.

Only this week, the Met Police are accused of a shambolic ‘investigation’ into sexual abuse claims around former army head Lord Bramall and a so-called VIP paedophile ring (which you can learn more about in this excellent Radio 4 podcast).

Similarly, Cliff Richard is on the front of one Sunday newspaper today complaining that it has been 542 days since the probe into charges against him was started, and looks set to run for months, and yet nothing has been passed to prosecutors. While Bramall and Richard can afford good representation, many cannot, and that is where SAFARI can help and advise. They produce an extremely useful newsletter, and you can read the latest version by clicking here; they have kindly provided the text below to explain more about what they do.

Campaigning for changes in the British Legal System to better protect victims of false allegations and wrongful convictions.

The name SAFARI stands for “Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information” and, as the name suggests, we provide powerful and positive information that is likely to be of use to those who are in a position to make necessary changes in the UK’s investigative and judicial systems, those who have been affected by false accusations (including the family & friends of victims) and those who have suffered from being pressurised into making false accusations.

Please sign our on-line ePetition here.

There may be little you can do about a problem by yourself, but, by working together, we can make, and are making, a difference. We collect, research, collate and share information on this subject. SAFARI shares news of successes so that all can benefit from them. We also share information which shows when and how the day to day running of the Legal System has failed the cause of justice, and we take the matter up at Parliamentary level with a view to achieving necessary changes.

Please click here to receive our free on-line newsletter every two months.

The best way to contact us is via eMail on

Alternatively, you can write to us:

c/o 170 Poplar Road South, Merton Park, London, UK, SW19 3JY

(Letters are forwarded to us from that address)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

(Edmund Burke)

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1 Comment on February 2016 newsletter from SAFARI

  1. Hi I’m mr khogiani I was a member of ur organization since 2007 , I have one question and need a answer, where is justice ? Justice on sale with money not free , the person who been treated like animal r more then animals and now he helpless to find justice , how he could get justice before he passed away in his life,


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