West Midlands Police hold new Birmingham pub bombings interview

A report by the Guardian over the weekend suggests that police have held an interview with the IRA’s ‘director of intelligence’ at the time of the attack.

Kieran Conway confirmed he was questioned by officers from the West Midlands police counterterrorism unit in Dublin on Friday.

The interview took place at Pearse Street Garda station in central Dublin under the terms of the mutual legal assistance treaties, which allow foreign police forces to question Irish citizens in the republic about crimes committed in other countries.

Since the release of the Birmingham Six in 1991, no one has been charged in connection with the bombings despite the fact that, as Conway himself states, “the names of the bombers, and those who directed them, had been long in the public domain due to the work of Chris Mullin and other journalists”.

Read the original report here:

For more information about the case, click on the Birmingham Six tag below. You can also learn a little about the rather fluid relationship that West Midlands Police have had with truth and justice by clicking on their tag.


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