“Inaccurate and unreliable” – Danny Major to be cleared by report findings

Screenshot taken from the Channel 4 news clip, seen below

Channel 4 News claims to have seen Greater Manchester Police’s report into the case made by West Yorkshire Police against Danny Major. In a segment that you can watch on catch-up by clicking here*, Channel 4 say that Danny Major is effectively exonerated by the report’s contents.

The report backs up many of the claims that Danny and his supporters have been making themselves:

  • That the case was stacked against him from the start
  • Important witnesses were not interviewed
  • The gathering of forensic evidence was “incomplete and one-sided”
  • A key prosecution witness’s evidence was “inaccurate and unreliable”

To find out more about Danny’s case, click on the tag with his below.

* You can also watching by going to and selecting the report titled “Polce trial witness did not tell the truth”

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