Freed after 24 years, Anthony Steele only wants to find the real murderer (2003)

"0556 "I want my phone call."" by Jason Farrar. Found on flickr and used under Creative Commons.

Appeal court quashes conviction after 24 years; Chief Constable apologises.

Anthony Steele spent 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, the murder of Carole Wilkinson in Bradford in 1977. The only evidence was a ‘confession’ written by the police and signed by Mr Steele.

Lord Justice Rix said: “We are allowing this appeal and quashing his conviction in the light of new evidence from both defence and Crown consultant psychologists, which we accept, indicating that Mr Steele is and was mentally handicapped and at the borderline of abnormal suggestibility and compliability; and, therefore, a significantly more vulnerable interviewee than could have been appreciated at the time of trial.”

From BBC Look North, 1 October 2003: Mr Steele returned to the estate where he grew up and distributed more than 500 copies of a letter to residents in Ravenscliffe, asking them to help police find the real killer. He said: “All I’d like to see is the actual person who has done it caught and put behind bars. That would give me some satisfaction, knowing that the police had actually got the right person.”

Chief Constable Colin Cramphorn said in the letter: “I offer you my personal apology on behalf of the force and welcome your offer to support us in any future inquiry into this matter.”

Full BBC story:

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1 Comment on Freed after 24 years, Anthony Steele only wants to find the real murderer (2003)

  1. What about Vincent Tabak then?

    NO DNA evidence found in the flat where he said he killed Joanna Yeates.

    No forensic evidence found on his clothes.

    Only “enhanced” and “inconclusive ” DNA found anyway.

    Only a “confession” as real evidence. How do we know he didn’t make it under duress—when he was first arrested, he denied guilt.

    No substantive evidence that he and Joanna Yeates were ever together in her flat.

    Very inadequate trial: because he said he had killed Joanna, nobody really checked the evidence, or the timeline.

    Computer searches can be falsified and exaggerated.

    Did they not really care, because he was a foreign national???????

    Police under a lot of pressure, since they had really messed things up over arresting an innocent man called Christopher Jefferies. They HAD to solve the case.

    They arrested Tabak just before a review of the case was due: they would have had to accept help from police from another force.

    No evidence that Joanna was sexually assaulted, but they made it out to be a sex crime.

    Everything very quiet since the trial, and the conviction for child porn——not only is he quiet, not only is his family and his girlfriend’s family quiet, but the media is quiet—-that is very suspicious!

    Oh, and who was a witness to the images of children apparently found on his computer? Why haven’t the children been identified? Why haven’t Tabak’s associates been identified???? Ann Reddrop was involved in this, and she knew it was important to identify the children—she did an excellent job over the “Little Ted ” nursery case.

    Etc etc etc


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