New website for Glyn Razzell’s campaign – ‘Justice for Glyn Razzell’

Justice for Glyn Razzell Justice for Glyn Razzell

“This year starts with a glimmer of hope. My legal team are preparing a fresh application to the CCRC based on a new expert opinion about the blood. They have been able to show that some of the evidence presented by the prosecution was ‘fundamentally flawed’ due to mistakes in the interpretation of forensic tests. The odds are stacked heavily against me but at least things are moving forward again.”

Glyn Razzell, 2015


Linda Razzell disappeared on the 19th March 2002 after dropping her children off at school and driving into Swindon town centre, where she worked at the college. Her car was parked in its usual place in Alvescott Road, Swindon, and her mobile phone was found by some garages in an alley nearby. Blood bearing DNA matched to Linda’s was eventually discovered in the boot of a car used by Linda’s estranged husband Glyn Razzell on the day that Linda disappeared. The car underwent two forensic examinations lasting over ten man-hours, without any trace of blood being found. It was only on the 3rd attempt that blood was discovered, despite the prosecution’s forensic scientists claiming that there were heavy blood stains, visible to the naked eye. Meanwhile, there were seven DNA samples in the car that could not be matched to anyone known to have been in the car.

In the period leading up to her disappearance, Linda had withdrawn large amounts of money from her bank account whilst defaulting on mortgage payments. Her internet search history showed that fluent French-speaking Linda had recently researched cheap flights, and an address in Burundi was found in her notebook at home. Her children recall her saying an unusually solemn goodbye on the day that she disappeared – a day that she’d marked on her calendar with a large question mark – and she hadn’t taken her ID card, which she needed at work.  She was part way through reading a crime novel where the plot featured a body in the boot of a car and evidence that was planted to convince police that a murder had taken place.

Linda’s body has never been found. More than half a dozen credible eyewitnesses claim to have seen her since her ‘death’, including a woman who knew her well and who saw her shortly after police said she’d been killed. The witness said that Linda looking ‘annoyed’ at being seen.

Meanwhile, her husband Glyn has been in prison since 2003 for Linda’s murder. Please take a moment to look through the new campaign website at, which features an excellent and much longer summary of the case.

You can write to Glyn at:

Glyn Razzell
HMP Guys Marsh


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12 Comments on New website for Glyn Razzell’s campaign – ‘Justice for Glyn Razzell’

  1. Conrad Bell // June 21, 2018 at 10:03 // Reply

    Refused to do a lie detector test at the last minute. Blood spattering in car said by experts NOT planted but by Linda’s injured body being in the boot. He is guilty as sin. Keep the bastard locked up.


    • Andrew Green // June 23, 2018 at 09:31 // Reply

      I agree that the recent TV programme in the CONVICTION series did little to support Glyn Razzell’s claim of innocence, and overall increased the strength of the case against him, but please don’t resort to personal abuse in your comments. At INNOCENT we always remain open to the possibility that fresh evidence can emerge which could support any claim of innocence.


  2. Natasha Ingram // October 3, 2016 at 11:08 // Reply

    After the recent news relating to Halliwell and name mentioned of Linda Razzell on this morning today, thought i would have a read about her case. I am disgusted with our Criminal Justice System and the Wiltshire Police and the original barrister on the case for letting this poor man go to prison without a proper review of the evidence.
    It is clear to me he his innocent and I hope in the coming weeks Halliwell is found guilty or gives up information. My thoughts go to Glyn Razzell and his children, it is very sad to hear that innocent people are punished for crimes they clearly did not commit. The truth will emerge soon.


  3. As has already been mentioned-What are the chances of Linda being involved with two murderers within such a short space of time. With Fulcher admitting that Linda and Halliwell had a relationship before her disappearance-how is this not enough to reexamine this whole case in a court of law? Do NOT stop fighting, it has always been apparent to me that Glyn is innocent of this crime, the Police with no other suspects or motives at that time just sticking the whole thing on her ex-husband. Justice will prevail sooner or later.

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  4. Keith Daulby // September 27, 2016 at 14:11 // Reply

    There is nothing new here. As Steve Fulcher pointed out yesterday his ex employers, to whom he now holds no loyalty whatsoever, were extremely concerned about the relationship between Razzell and Halliwell. If you watch what happens next, in common with other cases such as Melanie Hall and Claudia Lawrence, the police deploy a standard delaying tactic of arresting someone and rebailing them for as long as they think they can get away with it. They then sit back and wait for everyone else to get bored and go off to find something else to do. If the police make mistakes they will never look at themselves and wonder where they went wrong, it’s not their place to do that as they see it. If Halliwell suggested he was involved in up to 8 murders it is not hard to narrow down the possible missing women given his known movements. Ask yourself this, what is the probability of any one single woman becoming involved with two psychopaths simultaneously? Not huge. Expect nothing in the way of information to emerge, the drawbridges are all up and locked.


  5. Andrew Green // September 27, 2016 at 10:51 // Reply

    Please keep the information coming on this case. INNOCENT will pass on anything useful to Glyn’s supporters.


  6. Keith Daulby // September 26, 2016 at 15:54 // Reply

    Possibly the main issue that led to Glyn and Linda separating was the fact that she had an affair with a builder working at her house.


  7. Clare Roberts // September 26, 2016 at 15:20 // Reply

    Is there any chance Halliwell is the unidentified male she was seen with?
    Is it just a coincidence he was a builder working on their house?
    Is this not grounds to just question the conviction?


  8. Keith Daulby // September 26, 2016 at 14:56 // Reply

    The case against Glyn just doesn’t and never did stand up to detailed scrutiny. Looks like the stitches are coming undone. Well done to Vicky for keeping this monstrous injustice in the public eye. Any comment from the police as yet?


  9. Just heard on news this morning. Linda Razell’s name mentioned by the policeman dismissed the Wiltshire police force in connection with the multiple killer ???? He thinks Linda was one of the man’s victims, one of at least 6 others.


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