Ishtiaq Ahmed – timeline of events

Waylen Street in Reading, where David Pickering was murdered Waylen Street in Reading, where David Pickering was murdered. Image via Google Street View

This is a simple timeline of events in the Ishtiaq Ahmed case. We’ll keep it updated as and when new things happen. For full details, check out the other articles relating to this case.

Date Events
17th October 1989 David Pickering murdered; Ishtiaq Ahmed arrested.
31st January 1991 Ishtiaq Ahmed convicted of the murder of David Pickering.
1st July 1991 Ishtiaq Ahmed granted leave to appeal.
February 1995 The Crown Prosecution Service applies to the High Court to suppress the report into the behaviour of Thames Valley Police.
24th February 1995 Ahmed’s appeal was heard and dismissed.
11th October 1995 Stephen Muir dismissed by the University of Sunderland.
April 1997 The Home Office passed all files to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.
3rd and 4th March 1998 Renuka Pun made 4 telephone calls to Naheed Khan, the younger sister of Ishtiaq Ahmed.
March 1998 The three Court of Appeal judges listened to tape recordings of calls from Mrs Pun to Ahmed’s family made in March 1998 in which she said he was innocent and identified another tenant, Alan Nobes, as the man on the stairs.
March 1998 The Crown Prosecution Service agreed that their files can be inspected by Ahmed’s solicitor.
April 1998 Renuka Pun and Stephen Muir’s relationship ends.
20th July 1998 Renuka Pun was interviewed at her home by two representatives of the Criminal Cases Review Commission and is eventually interviewed at the police station.
30th June 1999 Renuka Pun answered written questions put to her by the CCRC.
24th August 2000 The Criminal Cases Review Commission referred the case to the Appeal Court.
4th October 2001 Two officers from the Thames Valley Police visited Renuka Pun at her home.
30th October 2002 CCRC hearing to start.
6th December 2002 Original conviction upheld.
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