“Power Resistance Knowledge” – Andrew Green

Why are there so many problems with criminal case evidence? Why do suspects, defendants and witnesses often feel betrayed by the criminal justice system even though it is apparently permeated by rights, whose purpose if to prevent errors from entering the cases in which they are involved?

Power Resistance Knowledge analyses the production of evidence by the police. Such knowledge always needs its own production to be resisted before it can be revealed lying beyond resistance. Resistance separates the power of the police from the knowledge they produce, so that such knowledge can be seen as objective. When we come into contact with the criminal justice system, we must resist its production of knowledge about us: but our resistance is rarely successful

Power Resistance Knowledge challenges established views of rights by showing how resistance is provoked and then made possible by the provision of rights.

It analyses the structure of police-revealed knowledge that can become evidence and identifies it as a type of knowledge produced by government following the epistemological developments of modernist philosophy: philosophy is the servant of government.

Suspects and defendants must use the rights that are the only means of resistance they have, but their resistance rarely succeeds, and often is itself used against them; while the police, obsessed with gathering what they believe to be knowledge, are ineffectual at clearing up crime.

Dr Andrew Green has conducted detailed research into cases and attended many interviews of suspects in police stations. He makes extensive use of examples from serious criminal cases to make his arguments easily understandable.

Andrew’s book is available from Amazon.

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