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From Free the Hull Two facebook page:

"In 1996 Lyndon Coles and Robert Bradley were sent to life in prison for the shooting of Shane George in 1994. Lyndon and Robert are innocent of this crime, because Humberside police convicted them both on circumstantial evidence which they conjured up!!"

6 December 2010: The Hull Two name the actual killers and describe what led to the killing of Shane George in 1994:

"Alan Gough paid Andrew Pearson and David Hogg to knee cap Shane George! Hogg then took it upon his self to kill him as he wanted to know what it felt like to kill a man, they then went to Steve Watson's house and hid the gun there, Steve Watson panicked and rang his brother George Watson, who then got the gun and hid it... in the Bude Road area as it was on his way home and he couldn't travel far as he was banned from driving at the time, and didn't want to get pulled!!! These are true facts!!"

From the Free the Hull Two facebook page

Hull Daily Mail
16 November 1999
Battle to free men goes on

The families of two Hull men serving life sentences for murdering petty criminal Shane George today vowed to continue their fight to clear their names.

Lyndon Coles, 35, and Robert Bradley, 29, failed to convince the Court of Appeal last week that they were innocent of the 1994 shooting in Coltman Street, west Hull.

But, speaking to the Mail for the first time since the hearing, Robert Coles, 55, the father of Lyndon, said the campaign was not over.
And he renewed his challenge to Humberside Police to sue him over allegations he has made about evidence that led to the two men being framed.

Mr Coles said: "We know our sons are innocent."

The families are now planning to lobby Home Secretary Jack Straw for changes in the way complaints against police officers are investigated.

"There should be a specially trained group of people, with no axe to grind, who do not know the officers being investigated," said Mr Coles.

"We are disappointed at the outcome. As parents we have done everything we can through the legal channels. But it does not end here.

"My argument is with the justice system and it starts in the police force, with the questioning of suspects."

Mr Coles claimed earlier this year that he moved from his home in Clarendon Street, west Hull, after being threatened with a shotgun during his own investigations.

And he claims that the trial jury was confused by conflicting evidence.

"Nine key witnesses later retracted their evidence. It grieves us that their retractions were ignored," he said.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police today declined to comment on the Appeal Court's decision.

She said: "As a file is still outstanding as to whether or not there are any disciplinary issues, it would not be appropriate to comment further."

Hull Daily Mail
16 April 1999
Appeal evidence blow for pair

Two men serving life imprisonment following an underworld feud shotgun killing in Hull, have suffered an Appeal Court blow.

The court ruled that fresh evidence they hoped would clear them will not be heard at the appeal later this year.

Appeal judge Lord Justice Rose said at yesterday's hearing that evidence of retractions by key prosecution witnesses since the 1996 Sheffield Crown Court trial of Lyndon Coles, 34, and Robert Bradley, 28, could not be regarded as capable of belief.

The judge, sitting in London with Mr Justice Scott Baker and Mr Justice Collins, also threw out defence claims that alibi and identification evidence should be re-examined during the appeal.

But Coles and Bradley, sentenced for the 1994 shooting of Mr Shane George, 21, at his home in Coltman Street, Hull, were thrown an Appeal Court lifeline.

Lord Justice Rose said the court did not wish to encourage any degree of optimism, but defence claims of unreliability and inconsistency in the evidence given by witnesses "coming from the dregs of society" merited examination.

Hull Daily Mail
16 July 1998
Murder trial witness retracts evidence

A prosecution witness whose evidence helped to convict two men now serving life-sentences for murder has told the Mail he lied in court.

David Bettis, 32, from Hull, says he has retracted the testimony given at Sheffield Crown Court, where Lyndon Coles, 34, and Robert Bradley, 28 were sentenced to life imprisonment for the doorstep murder of Shane George at his home in Coltman Street in 1994.

He said: ''I can't carry on the rest of my life knowing there are in jail serving life sentences for a crime they didn't commit.''

Mr Bettis spoke out publicly for the first time as Bob Coles, father of Lyndon, called for a fresh inquiry into police investigations.

Mr Coles, 54, of Clarendon Street, Hull, has been campaigning to prove their innocence since the two men were convicted in February 1996.

They are both appealing against their convictions.

Their cases are also subject to ground-breaking examination by the new Criminal Cases Review Commission.

A series of complaints into the police investigation and associated issues have been investigated by Humberside Police under the supervision of the Police Complaints Authority (CPA). The result of this inquiry is still awaited.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the case was currently before the Criminal Cases Review Commission and there was no one available to comment from the PCA.

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